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Jul, 2020


Winter is here and it's freezing outside.  There's ice on the road and the temperature is dropping down.  Seriously, it can be hard to stay warm and cozy in this kind of weather.  No matter how much you feel like you prepped for this, it always feels like you're not quite ready.

Thankfully though, there are simple life hacks that can keep you a little warmer this season.  These tips are honestly great for people who hate the cold and need some ways to make it a little less miserable.  So here goes....

Use Socks As Windshield Wiper Covers


Knee-high socks slipped over windshield wipers before a frosty night will save you from de-icing.  The ice won't build up and make it hard to freeze.  So the next time you hit the road in the winter, store a pair of socks in your glove compartment and save your windshield from icing.

Wool Felt Or Fabric Can Help Keep Feet Warm

In winter, one of the best ways to keep your feet warm is to cut out felt insoles.  Just use some scissors to cut out the shape of the inside of your shoe, place it in, and you're ready to go!

Waterproof Canvas Shoes With Wax

Who wouldn't want waterproof and winter-ready shoes in this cold chilly weather?  All you need to do is rub a candle against the entire surface of your shoe, take a hairdryer and melt the wax into your shoe's surface.  Repeat the process on your other shoe, and you'll be ready for any rain or snow that comes your way!

Leave the Oven Door Open After Bakingoven

Cold weather and warm cookies always seem to be the perfect combo.  Take advantage of the oven warmth by leaving the oven door open after baking or cooking.  Just make sure any small children aren't close by!

Use a Lighter And Your Key to Thaw A Frozen Lock

De-ice a frozen car door lock by heating your key with a match or lighter, then gently push the heated key into the lock to melt the ice.  Another option is to apply a few drops of hand sanitiser on your key and open the frozen door lock.

Frosty Side Mirror Solution

Similarly to a DIY windshield wiper, covering your side mirrors with plastic bags and securing them with rubber bands or clothespegs can prevent ice from forming overnight.  And in the morning after removing the plastic, you'll have an ice-free mirror!


Even if you're having trouble getting through this winter, staying warm and cozy all day long makes things a lot better.  Choose any of these cold-weather tips and tricks and make sure your home is nice and toasty this cold season.