Sustainable Cleaning Products

Jani-King NZ uses eco-friendly cleaning products that contain probiotics as opposed to cleaning with chemicals.

Probiotic cleaning products contain natural beneficial microbes which can reach deep into surfaces, degrading stubborn dirt, grime and odours and offering long lasting cleaning results. On any surface, these friendly bacteria release specific enzymes and secondary metabolites that combat dirt and odours. Just like good bacteria help to balance the bad in nature, probiotic cleaning products can create this same balance inside our homes and businesses.

Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, probiotic cleaning products don't erase all bacteria on surfaces.  Instead, they protect surfaces with beneficial bacteria which provide long lasting cleaning and odour control. Traditional cleaning chemicals can also be abrasive to surfaces. After cleaning with chemicals, dirt and grime immediately starts to build-up again, which means that you need to use them again and again.

Why probiotic cleaning is important for you, your business and the planet?

 In New Zealand, every month the commercial cleaning industry contributes over 350,000L of harsh chemicals into the environment. Jani-King has made a commitment to be part of the solution not the problem, therefore we have chosen probiotic-based cleaning products to use in our everyday cleaning tasks over the chemicals with no compromises to the quality of clean we provide. They are safe on every surface, and kind to you, your environment, and our planet.

Now more than ever, the world is choosing environmentally friendly ways of doing business to help protect our health and planet. The chemicals we use every day at home and work end up in our rivers and oceans, and eventually come back to us.

Everything we do on this earth creates a lasting environmental impact, therefore, at Jani-King, we have decided to make our impact a positive one going away from the harsh chemicals where possible. We have adopted the probiotic cleaning that uses probiotic-based cleaning products and fogging as our contribution to a healthier and safer planet.

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Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, we are delighted to announce that Jani-King NZ is now a Toitū enviromark® gold certified organisation. Read more

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