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Let Us Keep Your School Clean.

Keeping educational facilities clean is imperative in today’s environment.  Recently there has been an increase in the number of schools choosing to outsource their cleaning services to Jani-King.

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Outsource Your Cleaning to Jani-King

Enjoy Peace of Mind

A commercial cleaning company provides expert services and offers peace of mind.  At Jani-King, all our cleaners are franchise owners who are invested in their business.  They are well trained and have undergone a stringent vetting process. Our team enjoy ongoing support from the administration and sales staff, and this allows them to fully focus on your school’s cleaning requirements.

Save on Costs

Employing a Specialised Contract Cleaning company is a cost saving for your school, as there is no need to pay full time staff wages for in house cleaning during the holidays.

Professional & Reliable Service

At Jani-King our franchise business owners know that it is in their best interest to do a great job for their clients and offer reliable, trustworthy, and professional service, always looking to go above and beyond.

Jani-King Uses Chemical-Free Products

Jani-King is committed to using effective, sustainable materials and processes that don’t cause harm.  Our products are biodegradable, scientifically proven, and chemical-free. 

Using an environmentally friendly probiotic cleaning solution rather than chemicals means that your staff, and students, as well as our cleaning staff are not exposed to harmful toxins.

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Campus Living Villages on why they use Jani-King Commercial Cleaners

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We Care for Our People

We understand that our franchise business owners are the backbone of Jani-King Commercial Cleaning, and we value their health and wellbeing above all.  Using probiotic cleaning systems is a healthy alternative to harmful chemical cleaning solutions.  There are several risks to staff and clients when chemical solutions are used.  Research has shown increased health risks due to chemical use.

Our Jani-King regional administration and sales teams work closely with our franchisees helping them become successful business owners while ensuring our clients are satisfied with their services.  Because of the level of business support given to our team, they are freed up to focus on the clients’ cleaning needs as their number one priority.

School Cleaning Services

All Jani-King staff go through a stringent screening process, including police vetting, training in cleaning, probiotics, sales, marketing, customer experience and business management.

As commercial cleaning contractors we are flexible and work during the hours that suit you.  All areas of your school will be meticulously cleaned and sanitised to an extremely high standard and with particular attention to details. 

We have over 300 clients in the education sector including pre-schools, schools, and universities, so we are no strangers to the types of mess that only kids can make, so we are prepared for all the unique cleaning needs of your school.

Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Services, go beyond traditional cleaning, we utilise probiotic fogging as part of our cleaning system.  Because we use chemical-free cleaning solutions, our fogging process is safe for staff and students, with no downtime required as an added benefit.

All contracts are unique to each school depending on their requirements.  Frequency options include daily, weekly, and fortnightly cleans as well as term cleaning during school holidays.  Some services are only required once or twice a year such as stripping and sealing hard floors. 

Our cleaning services cover:

  • Classrooms, including speciality areas such as art rooms, labs, computer rooms, libraries etc.
  • Administration, faculty, and common areas such as canteens and kitchens
  • Gyms and halls
  • Restrooms
  • Internal and external windows
  • Carpets and upholstery
  • Stripping and polishing of hard floors

We also provide consumables such as hygiene products, tissues, toilet paper, mats, and tea towels

We will work with you to determine what cleaning services your school requires. 

Get in touch and let's keep your school clean, safe, and hygienic.

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