Commercial Office Cleaning

Specialist Commercial Cleaning for your Office

For excellent commercial cleaning, New Zealand businesses have been choosing Jani-King since 1998. We create sanitised office environments for commercial clients. Our services are customised and tailored to your unique business needs.

At Jani-King, we are proud to be the commercial cleaners New Zealand businesses call. All work is completed with our trademark attention to detail, including:

  • Office desks and whiteboards
  • Reception and meeting rooms
  • All touch points, including door knobs, printers, coffee machines etc
  • Floor care, including stripping and polishing of hard floors
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Internal and external window cleaning, and external office building washes
  • Full recycling and rubbish removal services
  • Furniture and multi-level dusting
  • Staffroom and Kitchen cleaning, including oven cleans
  • Bathroom cleaning, including supplying consumables, such as hygiene products, tissues, and toilet paper.



Keeping offices clean and effectively removing germs, bacteria, and other microbes from your offices is a priority. We use a sustainable, probiotic cleaning system that effectively sanitises and cleans New Zealand offices.

Because we do not use chemicals in our commercial cleaning products, you can be sure that your staff will be safe from harmful toxic residue and your equipment will not endure harsh chemical exposure. Your office will be brighter, safer, and the atmosphere will be improved. Even areas that may have been neglected over time will be refreshed.

All Jani-King cleaners own their franchise, so with a vested interest in pleasing their customers, they are dedicated, fully trained, and experienced. Always aiming for excellence, they are helpful and courteous, committed to enhancing our reputation as the commercial cleaners New Zealand can trust. Jani-King is the team to choose when you need professional commercial cleaning results every time.

We work together with our customers to ensure that we understand our their requirements.  Every business is different and we make sure we provide a professional and reliable service that meets your specific needs.

At Jani-King, we not only aim to enhance the appearance of your business, we undertake to keep your workspace hygienic and clean with our bespoke cleaning solutions, consistently providing high-quality commercial cleaning services.

All our cleaners are highly trained and understand the importance of being detailed orientated. When you let Jani-King take care of even the little things, you can focus on the big picture to provide an even better service to your clients. 

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Commercially cleaned office

Benefits of Probiotic Fogging

Additional to traditional cleaning methods, we include fogging, with our Jani-King probiotic fogging solution, as a fast and efficient way to clean "hard to reach" and "hard to clean" areas. 

No downtime!  Because the Probiotic Fogging Solution uses probiotics instead of chemicals, we do not require 6 - 24 hours of downtime after fogging your premises.  This means fogging can take place at any time of the day, with minimal disruption.

The set up time is very quick and no additional PPE is required as the product poses no risk to the person fogging or to employees or visitors.

Fogging is an easy and very effective way to clean and sanitise hard to reach and difficult to clean areas.