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Today, more than ever, buying a cleaning company is one of the best investments you could make. 

The cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy as companies around New Zealand are more focused on providing clean, safe and hygienic work places for their staff and customers.

It's not just a business for sale, joining Jani-King will ensure you have reliable, sustainable and consistent income, backed by world-class support with administration and sales, and you don't have to replace your current job to enjoy the benefits of financial security.  We have opportunities right throughout New Zealand.


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Why You Should Choose Jani-King

In 1969 Jani-King pioneered the cleaning business franchise concept and is now a multi award winning international company.  Jani-King is a world leading and one of the top commercial cleaning companies in New Zealand.

We Provide the Customers

The hardest part about starting your own cleaning business is finding the business – but we do that for you.  Currently there is a large demand for cleaning services from existing and new customers. We’ll provide you with customers who are located in your area, so you don’t have to travel too far.

We Provide Free Training & Ongoing Support

No experience is necessary.  We have a high standard to uphold, and our training staff will teach you everything you need to know, from basic of commercial cleaning to business skills such as business management, customer service and employee management.

With a wide presence nationwide, we provide ongoing support and training - you will not be on your own! Own a business and become part of the Jani-King family.

We Handle the Payments for You

We do all the billing and collect payments from customers for you, and deposit the funds into your account once a month.  We offer a regular, reliable source of income without the hassle of chasing debts, so you can focus on the work.

No Specialised Vehicle Needed

With many cleaning franchises for sale, a potential owner is required to purchase a specialised vehicle over and above the initial cost, but with Jani-King this isn’t a requirement.  We offer the option of branding selected vehicles, which is a powerful marketing tool and will increase your business revenue, but we do not require you to purchase a vehicle with the franchise.

Finance is Available

Not sure about the finance? We will assist you with applications to major financial institutions for funding of your new franchise.

You Decide on How Much You Want to Earn

We have a variety of packages to suit everyone.  Use our calculator to get an estimate on cost based on your desired monthly income.


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Jani-King customers come from a range of industries:

We use sustainable cleaning practices and products that are safer for you, your customers and the environment. Read more. 

Everyone needs their spaces cleaned, there is ongoing demand that is only increasing day by day.  Now is the perfect time to own a Commercial Cleaning Business.  It’s time to earn extra income and start making your dreams a reality. 

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Here’s what some of our current franchisees have to say about joining Jani-King:

"I chose commercial cleaning as it was the best option for me when starting a new business to grow and learn about running a business without extreme stress. It also provides you with flexibility and time to take care of your family when needed.

Jani King responded to my enquiry about buying a franchise and provided me with all the information that I needed to know. My first meeting with the regional manager was very exciting and transparent. The best of all was the use of probiotics for cleaning instead of chemicals, sustainability is something which I really like and appreciate.

Being a Franchisee with Jani King has been really satisfying in every way for me. I have enough time to spend with my family and take care of the kids without having to make too many changes to my daily routine. The pace at which I have grown with Jani King is impressive. I have never felt the pressure of not being able to handle the amount of work I have. The support from the head office team has to be appreciated as they are always approachable and ready to help you when needed."

Abbin Peter, Owner since 2021

“I always wanted to have my own business, so I went for it. I took the plunge in December 2019 and with a D10 Jani-King Franchise plan I began my dream of being a business owner. In 2021, I was recognised as the fastest growing franchisee. I now employ 8 staff and have increased my earnings fivefold which has allowed me to buy a home”.

Chamkaur Singh, Owner since 2019

“We did our homework and we found out that JK was one of the best in franchisee fees, and friendly faces. We went to another company but we felt they were not welcoming. All our clients, they don't look at us as cleaners, they look at us like we are family, we talk to them and have a laugh about things. And working with Jani-King, we grew in the business sense and the finance as well, we have got properties around, we've got nice looking cars.”

Zak & Zafia, Owners since 2013

“The reason I joined Jani-King is because Jani-King is the best cleaning company in New Zealand.  They helped me a lot, they do all the accounts, they look for new clients for us and if we have problems they will come here and help us sort them out”.

Daniel Chia, Owner since 2015

“We started out earning extra income by working at night and now we have grown to 30+ staff working in our business.

We did our research back then and Jani-King ticks all the boxes for what we wanted.  We went ahead and they proved it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jani-King gives great support, they teach you, they hold your hands and they show you how to run your business and how to do your job, that made it much easier at the beginning.

Jani-King find all the customers for us and I don’t have to worry about marketing”.

Harold Han, Owner since 2013

We have over 380 Jani-King Franchisees throughout New Zealand and our customer-base is growing exponentially. To keep up with the demand we need you.  Invest in your future today - join Jani-King!


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