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Retail Cleaning Strategies

At Jani-King, we understand that retail businesses have their own unique cleaning requirements - that's why we have a range of strategies to give you the best possible outcome for your cleaning and deep-cleaning requirements.  

Jani-King's cleaning experts will help you bring out the best in your business, by providing a sparkling, clean and healthy showcase.  We'll work closely with you to understand your site and its cleaning requirements and tailor a specific cleaning plan just for you.

You can trust Jani-King to make your retail space shine, guaranteed.


Retail Drink Fridges - Commercially Cleaned
Clothing Store Floor - Retail Cleaning

Through the in-depth understanding of the unique needs of different retail environments, we, Jani-King, work closely with you to understand your site and its specific cleaning requirements in a bid to deliver the best cleaning service.

You can absolutely trust Jani-King to make your retail space shine for your customers through the best cleaning service you can find. Based on our principles, your satisfaction is our utmost priority so we can guarantee that you will get the very best.

A snapshot of some of the services we offer:

  • Floorcare: The floor is perhaps the first thing that customers notice when they visit your business, so it's vital it looks the part - not only looking clean but actually being clean.  The high degree of cleanliness that customers - and staff - expect - can only be achieved when it's in the hands of a professional cleaning service like Jani-King.
  • Staffroom cleaning:  Your staff has the health and safety of your customers in their hands, so it's important for them to know their own hygiene is in expert hands as well.  With Jani-King, you can have confidence that the whole of the staffroom is totally clean and completely free of any hygiene-related problems that can impact the flow of your business.
  • Bathroom cleaning:  The bathroom is probably the most important part of your business.  A source of contamination in a bathroom, due to the frequency of contact and use, could quickly spread in the workplace.  Jani-King makes sure the bathroom is a core priority in every one of the cleaning services that we offer.
Super Market Floor - Retail Cleaning

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