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Every hospitality business has a key standard they look to maintain. One of the most important measures in maintaining standards is keeping a clean environment free of viruses, bacteria and germs. Jani-King ensures your hospitality business is bound to sparkle with the toughest of cleaning standards. Get in touch to know more about our deep-cleans.

Whether it is a café or a restaurant, the ‘wow’ factor is something that you want to guarantee every time customers visit you. That can only be ensured when it is handled by the best cleaning service in town. Let Jani-King help sanitise your hospitality space.

Jani-King offers superior cleaning services that enable you to achieve the utmost satisfaction. Through the application of our well-tailored cleaning strategies, we deliver a gold standard of deep-cleaning for your business. 

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Here is a highlight of the services we offer:


  • Front-of-house cleaning: This is arguably the most important part of a restaurant or café because it is the first noticed place by incoming customers. Its appearance determines the calibre of guest that are entertained and it must be taken care of with utmost priority. With Jani-King's cleaning services, you can guarantee a clean, germ-free and sparkling front-of-house. This will go a long way in attracting customers to your doorstep. 
  • Back-of-house cleaning: Although this part of the restaurant or café is not exposed and rarely visited by customers, it still needs a lot of care to ensure sanitised surfaces and high-standards of cleanliness A number of things that go around inside the café or restaurant, such as food and many others, have their origin in the back-of-house. Thus, maintenance of proper hygiene goes a long way in keeping customers assured they are receiving hygiene, germ-free services.
  • Intensive cleaning programs: When it comes to Jani-King’s cleaning services, we offer deep sanitisation cleans. Regardless of the previous condition of your café or restaurant, we take full responsibility in making sure that we fulfil our promise of bringing your hospitality premises to the best hygiene conditions possible. With our intensive cleaning programs, we render services specific to your café or restaurant hygiene problem and bring the best out of it. We aim to offer deep-cleaning services that directly target all germs and bacteria.
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