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Introducing Jani-King Sustainable Cleaning

Did you know?

Since 1950, 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented. Only a fraction of these has been tested for human toxicity. On the other hand, every month, the New Zealand commercial cleaning industry contributes over 350,000L of harsh chemicals into the environment.

The Problem

Traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods poison all microbes via the use of harsh chemicals. These methods are far from ideal because they kill both good bacteria and bad bacteria. Alarmingly this assists bacteria and viruses to develop resistance, known as Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Also, these toxins are detrimental to human health, animal health and the environment.

 AMR is the next global pandemic, and we are playing a crucial role in the process. As we have seen, microbes such as COVID-19 can cross borders quickly and easily. Resistant bacteria are a global threat elevated by misuse of antibiotics within healthcare, and chemicals within cleaning. Cleaning with harsh chemicals contributes to AMR, making chemical cleaners ineffective in the long term. When a chemical cleaner kills 99.99% of pathogens, the remaining 0.01% will rapidly multiply, becoming stronger than before. This now demonstrates why the high use of chemicals correlates to the high number of viruses that we find today.


The Sustainable Solution

We have chosen to walk away from using harsh  chemicals where possible, and opt for probiotic-based cleaning products. The selected probiotic strains will rapidly colonise surfaces with good bacteria, eating food and available resources and therefore killing pathogens. A key advantage is that whilst chemical cleaners only clean at a “point in time” and need to be continuously reapplied, our probiotic solution remains alive for up to 72 hours and will continue to clean, sanitise and protect you from dangerous pathogenic bacteria. Through the selection of natural active ingredients with excellent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, our probiotic cleaning products offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to the harsh chemicals commonly used for disinfection. Our probiotic microbial products are safe on all surfaces and non-toxic making it the perfect solution to keep your business COVID-19 free. Read more.

Independently tested & verified

Our probiotic-based sanitiser is effective against harmful bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and all coronaviruses.

While we actively advocate our sustainable cleaning solutions, we understand that some businesses require a customised approach with use of chemical cleaning products. Our team of professionals are equally well-trained in both. Our services include sanitisation of all touchpoints, hard surfaces and fogging throughout your facility.

Proving our commitment to sustainability, Jani-King NZ is now a Toitū enviromark® gold certified organisation. Read more

Toitu enviromark Gold mini

Interested in Jani-King Probiotics?

Jani-King is one of the first probiotic cleaning companies in New Zealand. To learn more, give us a call at 0800 526 454 or contact us via our enquiry form now.