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May, 2019


Then we have the answers as to how you can become a successful Jani-King Franchisee Business Owner ....

Recently I got to thinking what does it take to be a successful franchisee or what have I observed in my 2+ years at Jani-King in selling franchises and seeing which of “my” franchisees have been the most successful in business.

Based on my observations it is clear to me that the most successful are the franchisees who buy a business, and by that I mean those that truly
appreciate that they are now business owners who have started on the path of building a successful business, as opposed to those who are “buying a job”.

It is important to recognise that I generalise here in that in the main a person interested in a cleaning franchise is often acknowledging that the cleaning patterns relative to timing suit nicely into those hours they have available from their “day job (and principal source of income)” to have some extra disposable income, to pay down the mortgage faster, to get the income required for a deposit for a new home etc., and they can be very successful doing so. With the availability being outside of “normal” business hours only this, can at times, be problematic to reviewing possible new contracts and communicating with clients.

The very successful franchisee is the one who is working towards the goal of a cleaning franchise being their primary source of income, the whole skin is in the game, nothing is a problem to growing their business and it shows from day one in engagement, commitment, customer service and communication, both internally and externally.

What does it take to be a great franchisee?
A person with leadership capabilities, decision making skills and excellent communication. This is important to not only motivate staff but to form lasting relationships with clients.

Ability to follow instructions and be part of a proven system. Be adaptable and accepting of the advice and training of the franchisor.

Don’t take offence at being mentored by a franchisor or receiving criticism that can come from a client or an employee.

Be a good team player. Being part of a franchise means you agree to do things in a uniform way as this is the required practise. The system has been proven.

A good franchisee has a sound financial knowledge, it’s very important to be able to work out the profitability of a business as well as the most profitable way to run a business.

Be a person or persons who are driven by the will to succeed. Successful franchisees have a goal they want to achieve and all matters are geared towards the achievement of the goal/goals.

Become an avid ambassador of the brand. Your staff will feel this, the franchisor will … but more importantly your customer will feel this.

I read once that a good franchisee is one who is a risk taker, one who feels comfortable with taking a chance on a franchise being successful as well as taking risks to make the business grow. I believe a successful franchisee will be somewhat risk averse. Successful franchisees in our business have done their due diligence on the industry and in joining Jani-King the risk is negated by a strong franchisor with a proven track record of success which negates risk.

Be a hard worker – a willingness to do what it takes to do the job.

Brian Valentine
Regional Manager, Jani-King Auckland


To discuss the opportunity of “becoming your own boss” and creating your own future with a Jani-King cleaning franchise business, please call 0800 526 454 or email