15 Must-haves When Looking For A Cleaning Service

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Jul, 2019

15 Must-haves When Looking For A Cleaning Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business allows you to keep your space neat and sanitary, while also improving health conditions in your office and potentially even increasing employee productivity.  However, not all services are going to have the same impact.

If you want your investment in a cleaning service to achieve all those benefits, you need to choose the right provider.  Here are some of the top things to look for in any of the cleaning services you hire.

Ensure the company you go with has experience dealing with actual businesses before you go any further, for example Jani-King, Commercial Cleaners, not residential with 20 years of commercial cleaning experience in New Zealand.

You need your cleaning service to work around your team's schedule.  You can't have them interrupting your operations or getting in the way of customers.  So you need a team that can come at the time that you specify, not the other way around.  Jani-King's franchisees work to your hours, whether it's early morning, late in the evening, or even weekends.

Affordability - Budget considerations are always important when hiring any type of service for your business.  You want to choose a company that fits within your budget, but you don't want to choose an option that's considerably cheaper, offering to do the cleaning duties in half the time of a competitor.  Do this, and you may find the job is not up to your standards.

Extensive Services - Your workplacey likely needs more than just a quick clean every few weeks.  You may require additional services such as window cleaning, floor buffing or extensive spring cleans.  Jani-King offer a variety of extra services to ensure the ongoing cleanliness of your business.

Set Communication Procedures - How are you going to communicate with the cleaners and ask questions or share feedback with them?  If you want to have a successful ongoing relationship with your cleaning service, you need to choose a company that makes communication simple.  Jani-King have a monthly contract evaluation system where you rate the level of cleaning each month and gives you the opportunity to make any comments.  This is all entered into our CRM system, and should there be any issues, these are discussed with our franchisees.  We also encourage our franchisees to communicate on a regular basis with their customers.

Safety Training - Safety is important in every industry.  Before hiring a cleaning provider, make sure that the team has received workplace safety training and can maintain those standards in your workplace.  Jani-King's franchisees are put through an intense health and safety training process.

High Employee Standards - You should also ask about the company's hiring practices.  Jani-King conduct a Ministry of Justice Police check on all new franchisees.  Our franchisees are trustworthy and reliable around property and proprietary data.

Access to Quality Supplies - The supplies and equipment that a cleaning company uses can have a major impact on the finished work.  You need to ensure you are getting access to the highest quality products.  At Jani-King our franchisees are supplied with cleaning tools and chemicals suited to your workplace cleaning.  Additionally, they are trained extensively on the use of both.

Positive Customer Reviews - All of these qualities can have an impact on the overall customer experience.  To get a feel for how other customers have felt about their experience, read reviews online or ask the customer for testimonials.  View Jani-Kings testimonials on our website and also on Google Reviews.

We hope to talk with you soon and provide you with the services of Jani-King, the King of Clean.