Sustainability Certification

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Jani-King is committed to Sustainability.

We are delighted to announce that Jani-King NZ is now a Toitū enviromark® gold certified organisation.

We are proud to take science-based action to sustain the life of this place, our people and our future. 

Toitū enviromark programmes are about managing our environmental impact in a safe, sustainable and regenerative way.

We are now part of a like-minded community of over 400 organisations taking science-based action for a better environment. Toitū enviromark programme requirements meet and exceed international standards and best practice, including ISO 14001.

What have we achieved through our sustainability journey towards Toitū enviromark ®certification

  • We have set our course towards a better environment by going away from harsh cleaning chemicals where possible and embracing probiotics-based cleaning products.
  • We have developed a comprehensive plan to achieve the goals outlined in our Environmental Policy.
  • We have analysed our environmental impacts so we can better manage them.
  • We have a robust environmental management system (EMS) in place.

 Obtaining this certification is not just a “job done”, it is work in progress. Our certified environmental management system ensures we can continually improve the way we impact our environment.


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