COVID-19 Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting


Jani-King's Infection Prevention Process

At Jani-King, we go to great lengths to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria with deep cleaning and sanitisation methods.

To protect our customers from the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we now offer even more disinfection and deep-cleaning service options to our clients. These services can be either preventative or remedial deep cleaning procedures.

The Purpose Of Deep Cleaning

If the purpose is to clean a surface, and not kill all germs, viruses or bacteria, deep cleaning like sterilisation is not needed. Contrastingly, if the purpose is to kill harmful germs and/or viruses on surfaces, such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus, a deep cleaning service is necessary.

Cleaning and deep cleaning methods such as sterilisation are two different procedures that should be used together to remove and kill germs. It is important to clean and remove visible soils in the process. If a surface is not cleaned, germs can hide and reduce the success of the deep cleaning procedure.


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What can Jani-King help you with?

Surfaces and objects we can deep clean for you include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-carpet, sealed floor surfaces
  • Drawers & handles
  • Chair armrests
  • Telephones, computers and desktops
  • Door handles/knobs
  • Copier machines and other office equipment
  • Kitchen/break room tables and countertops
  • Faucets
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Light switches and elevator buttons
  • Other general surfaces and objects found in homes, venues, offices and more

Why Our Experience Matters

Jani-King has been a leader in the cleaning industry for many years. We have developed programs to address proper deep cleaning needs. Whether you're wanting to eliminate the spread of viruses, such as the Coronavirus, bacteria, germs or more, Jani-King is here to help.

Our deep cleaning programs include proper training, and equipment is adaptable to other working and public environments. Jani-King has experience in applying its disinfection programs to numerous types of venues or facilities.

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Jani-King is ready and able to assist customers that need sanitisation services.  Request a quote and receive a free personalised sanitisation checklist for your premises.