Your Easter Cleaning Guide

Apr, 2021

Your Easter Cleaning Guide

Easter is a festival that is synonymous with friends, families and get-togethers.  This lovely occasion brings into our minds chocolate bunnies and decorated Easter Eggs.  With all your friends and families gathering at yours over the Easter break, use this festive time to clean your floor, showers and glass surfaces.

 Why is Easter Cleaning Important?

With all the delicious snacks and drinks at home, you can take out some time to make your house spic and span.  Moreover, with little children, spills of foods and beverages are bound to happen.  Furthermore, regardless of cleaning your surfaces well, the spills and dirt soon make them dirty again.  

Easter Cleaning Guide

Floor Cleaning tips:

floor cleaning

Do not use acidic cleaners to clean your floors.  Whether you have natural stone flooring or ceramic, porcelain, etc., acidic cleaners lead to etching.  Even the grout gets damaged with low PH level products.

In case of food spills or oil spills, it is better to blot the spill with a tissue or a blotting paper, rather than spreading it all over the surface with a cloth while wiping.

Ensure that you keep your surfaces clean and dry at all times.  Moist tile and grout welcome mould and mildew to breed on their surfaces.  Mould and mildew not only leave a greenish-black stain, ruining the look of your surfaces but also cause health hazards such as respiratory and eye problems.  They also reek of a foul odour.  Jani-King Commercial Cleaners use a probiotic cleaning product from Bio-King which eliminates odours in all areas of your workplace.

Shower Glass Cleaning tips:

Refrain from using acidic cleaners and only invest in products with a high PH balance, i.e. alkaline.

Follow a proper procedure by cleaning the glass first and then sealing it.

You cannot seal a dirty surface.  First you need to clean your shower glass thoroughly with a cleaner that is gentle on the surface and tough on the stains.  Here at Jani-King Commercial Cleaners, our probiotic cleaning product from Bio-King achieves an outstanding result.

Tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen

clean kitchen

Kitchens have flooring, walls and countertops that require cleaning and maintenance at home and in the workplace.  While you can clean the walls and floorings in the same way you clean the rest of the flooring, countertops need a few more precautionary measures.  People generally use granite or marble for their countertops.

Never scrub natural stone countertops with harsh scrubs or pointed tools, as this will remove the sealer coat and lead to scratches.

It is always better to blot liquid, oil and food spills from the countertops, as wiping with a cloth will further spread the liquids.

Do not use harsh liquids or acidic cleaners to clean your countertops, as these will wear off the existing natural stone sealers and cause etching.  Our range of probiotic cleaning products from Bio-King protect all surfaces, whereas alcohol-based cleaning products will wear down surface areas.

Follow these tips while cleaning and maintaining your home for Easter.  And if Jani-King can assist with your commercial cleaning requirements; or you wish to learn about our sustainable cleaning products from Bio-King, please contact us.

Have a safe and happy Easter break.