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Stripping Sealing
Nov, 2018

Cleanliness In Your Workplace

A clean and hygienic workplace is imperative. Why? Every day of the week we wake up and begin our typical routine of heading off to work. We spend a third or more of our day at work. There is no denying that we are heavily impacted by our work environment every minute that we are there.

We all place such a great deal of importance on cleanliness in our homes but tend to pay little attention to the cleanliness of our workplace. Having a workplace that you go to everyday that is clean and hygienic is so important. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why this is and why it should be a priority for you and your business:

• Health of employees

Sick employees mean one of two things:

They are not available to work or they work less productively.
Furthermore, they risk the health of the rest of the team. The solution - engage a commercial cleaning company that will keep your facility consistently hygienically clean and ensure that your employees avoid illness whilst at work.

• Improved Corporate Image and Employee Satisfaction

No business wants to present an unprofessional business environment for their team or for the clients. It is proven that a clean workplace leads to a rise in productivity and positively impacts yours corporate culture.  Your clients will judge your business on their first impression. An uncleaned and poor maintained facility will reflect badly on your business. A clean and hygienically presented facility will show not only that you care about your employees but that you promote your business professionally.

Interested in hiring a trustworthy and reliable cleaning company to ensure your team are happy and your clients want to do business with you? Call the Jani-King team today!

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