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Aug, 2020

Jani-King - creating a safe and healthy retail environment

You walk into a retail environment, whether it's your favourite fashion retail outlet, your local supermarket or large department store,  you'd expect it to be clean and pristine, perhaps like a photograph in a magazine.  Making a good impression with the look and feel of your store, using commercial retail cleaning services, is the first step you can take to converting your shoppers to buyers.


For this reason and many others, it is essential to invest in quality commercial cleaning for your retail environment.  Even a simple layer of dust can diminish the presentation of your store and affect your sales; your store needs to be spotless and beautiful.

Presentation is not the only substantial benefit of thorough retail cleaning, either. On the contrary, hygiene is another major component that you need to consider.  An environment that sees as much traffic as a retail store can quickly become a waystation of all sorts of bacteria.  In any store, from apparel to produce, poor cleaning can lead to higher rates of illness for employees and customers alike.  In some situations, such as grocery stores or other retail businesses that trade in perishable goods, a problem with germs and bacteria can even lead to life-threatening health risks.

 At Jani-King, we can help you make a stronger impression, safeguard the health of your employees and clients, and avoid dangerous product contamination.  By cleaning your premises regularly and thoroughly, we can eradicate dust, carry out strip and seals of your floors, clean high-touch surfaces to reduce the spread of bacteria and keep your store looking, smelling and feeling fresh. 

With coverage across New Zealand and over 350 franchise business owners, Jani-King can assist you with your retail cleaning needs anywhere in the country.  We can handle the cleaning requirements of any retail environment, including apparel stores, product showrooms, boutique shops, department stores, supermarkets, and more.  We can even service national accounts if you have more than one store nationally.  Our commercial cleaning work is as thorough as you should expect it to be, and covers floors, aisles, entryways, shelving, glass, offices, restrooms, storerooms, point of sales areas and more.

Don't let an unclean shabby appearance of your premises affect the success of your business.  Contact Jani-King today to talk about your personalised cleaning requirements for your business.