Important Franchise Q&A

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Jan, 2021

Important Franchise Q&A

Q:  How is Jani-King different from other franchise cleaning companies?

A:  Jani-King provides the tools for new franchisees to start their own business.  Jani-King's initial low investment is unique in the industry.  Unlike traditional franchise companies that charge fixed franchise fees and often charge exorbitant start-up costs, Jani-King presents new franchisees a range of fee options based on the amount of initial business offered by the local regional support office.  Jani-King also offers a level of training, business development, and administrative support that is unparalleled in the cleaning industry.


Q:  What are the benefits of becoming a Jani-King franchisee?

A:  A Jani-King franchise offers aspiring new business owners the chance to begin their business with an initial client base to service, thereby shortening normal business start-up time.  Each regional office offers new franchise owners the right to provide service to Jani-King clients.  In addition, Jani-King provides a proven method of doing business and a brand name with a real asset value in the eyes of customers.  Finally, Jani-King provides a well-organised support system that helps new franchisees achieve their desired level of success. 


Q: How can Jani-King help me start my own business?

A: Jani-King can help you start your business while affording you the time to manage your own success. Our local regional support offices offer each new franchisee the right to provide service to Jani-King clients. Jani-King also offers comprehensive training to franchise owners, teaching them the operational skills necessary to succeed in the commercial cleaning industry.


Q: What type of training does Jani-King provide for franchisees?

A: Jani-King’s local regional offices provide franchisees with extensive training in the operation of a commercial cleaning franchise business. The program provides training in Jani-King’s methods and practices of professional cleaning services, management, sales, and promotional techniques.


 Q: How can I become a Jani-King franchisee?

A: Contact your Jani-King regional office or go to opportunities to find out more.