Green Cleaning

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Aug, 2018

Green Cleaning

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More facilities and professional cleaning companies are turning to green cleaning as a way to keep both parties healthy. After all, whatever chemicals the cleaning company uses to safeguard your facility against dirt and germs is the same chemical that your employees are exposed to when they are in the office. So why not make sure that everyone shares a clean environment in which to work?
Green Cleaning is ultimately about reducing or even eliminating harmful chemicals. But it’s not just what’s sprayed on the counter or poured on the floor that makes a difference. One way to cut the use of disinfectants and other cleaning products while improving performance is by using microfiber mops and cloths. Microfibers are able to attach themselves to the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles—ones that normal cloth fibres brush past. This makes them highly effective at gathering dirt and dust. Flat-mop products are peeled off from a Velcro attachment (usually) and laundered when they become dirty rather than putting them back into the bucket as is done with conventional mops. This practice makes the cleaning chemicals last longer because they are not poured down the drain whenever the mop bucket water becomes dirty.

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When it comes to chemicals, proper dilution of products is an important component of safety, as some chemicals that pose little harm when diluted can be dangerous in their concentrated form. When using chemicals, make sure to read and follow all directions on the labels. Another great green cleaning tip is to use metered dilution equipment rather than mixing cleaning chemicals by hand. The use of dilution equipment that measures and dispenses the correct amount of cleaning product minimizes the potential for cleaning staff and building occupants to become exposed to cleaning chemicals that are spilled or over-concentrated when hand-mixing is used.
Professional cleaning companies know the right equipment, chemicals and procedures for executing a perfect green cleaning plan. Jani-King’s Environmental Policy is committed to promoting good environmental practice and sustainability in the conduct of its activities whilst minimising any adverse effects on the environment. We endeavour to grow our business in a manner that demonstrates good stewardship of natural resources and prevents pollution.
Remember, because we share the same workspace, we’re all in this together. With Jani-King you can be sure that your green cleaning initiatives can be matched by our green cleaning practices.