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Feb, 2021

How Jani-King Franchisees Achieve Their Goals

Goal setting is a cornerstone of every successful business because your goals drive higher productivity.

With a clear picture of the main objectives, you can better eliminate non-essential tasks and distractions that come up in day-to-day work. Another more personal reason that goals drive productivity has to do with the business owner's core needs and dreams.

Of course, business owners want to make money. Obvious financial goals exist for every business to remain open, and families need money to survive. But financial plans are only the first layer.

Go a little deeper in the heart of a business owner, and you'll find bigger picture goals that carry significant meaning for them.

These goals are often about who they want to be and how they want to look back on their lives well-lived. It'sThese big picture goals drive a business owner to face each day with confidence and determination.

Jani-King has played a role in bringing dreams to reality for many of its franchisees. Business owners who can identify what they want and take calculated steps toward it each day, well, the sky's the limit for these business owners. Below are four big-picture goals that are popular among Jani-King Cleaning Business Franchisees and tips to make them happen.

1. Spend more time with family

For many Jani-King franchise owners, the most crucial pressing need is more time for the family. It's especially true for parents raising young children and individuals caring for elderly parents. Overseas, more families are moving their elderly relatives out of assisted living facilities into family homes to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19.

The commercial cleaning industry's nature offers flexibility for business owners to arrange work schedules around important family responsibilities and memorable moments. This flexibility may help target industries that correspond with your family's schedule to take advantage of this flexibility. Corporate customers traditionally schedule evening office cleaning services which free up parents to be with their children during the day.  

At Jani-King, some husbands and wives work together as a team during work hours and share a different side of themselves they might not have seen otherwise. You can also employ your family members! There might be someone in your family that is just perfect for a role as a marketer, cleaning technician, or supervisor. 

Just remember the flexibility flows both ways. Business owners care about their staff and customers too, and it's natural to want to handle matters as soon as they come to your inbox, no matter the time. To avoid "work creep," set your business hours and stick to them. You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish if you stick to self-imposed time limits. You can still provide stellar service to your customers and be responsive to your employees while your family gets the time it deserves.  

2. Travel

A lot of franchisees have made their travel dreams come true much sooner than after retirement. And although it's hard to imagine going anywhere now when it's safe to travel again, chances are high you'll feel like getting away. The way to accomplish your travel goals is to train trustworthy and competent supervisors. Make training and development a regular priority in your business to equip your team to care for customers and make decisions effectively. Not only that, but swim upstream and do your best to hire quality employees. It might take a little longer to fill the position, but your time spent interviewing more people and vetting the candidates will pay off with peace of mind when you step away from the office for any period. 

3. Scale the business

Some franchisees have an internal drive to grow their business to the fullest extent. They understand the different role they would play in a larger company. It would take them off the front line, and more of their time would be spent developing teams, leading, and delegating appropriately. Growth driven franchisees welcome the leadership role. They want to provide the best service they can to as many customers as possible. They also like the idea of giving jobs to many people in the local community. They're attracted to the wide-scale impact their business can potentially have on the community at large. 

One reliable way to scale a Jani-King Franchise is to tap into the vast resources Jani-King provides franchisees. Jani-King offers a "treasure trove" of support and has helped new franchisees achieve higher growth levels in a shorter time frame than trying to go it alone. New franchise owners can draw from over 20 years of industry knowledge available to them. They can support hiring and training employees, account opportunities, industrial equipment, management training, and even the bid process for securing large accounts in commercial spaces. 

Another way to scale is to make prospecting a top priority, second to providing excellent service. Networking and getting active in the business community can benefit in the form of new business and referrals. It's an excellent time to dip your toe in the networking scene since many of these events are online.  

In conclusion

February could be a great month to plan some quiet time to discover what you want to accomplish in your business this year and over the next five years. There's no reason you can't achieve what you want if you commit to the goal, plan (with Jani-King's help) your strategy, then work your system. The goals business owners have for their businesses are as diverse as the people running them.

Jani-King is here to help you reach them!