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Mar, 2021

Why Probiotics are the future of cleaning

Why Probiotics clean deeper and are longer lasting

Probiotic cleaning products are live products that feed on organic matter, and they are hungry!  When you spray probiotics onto a surface, you release billions of beneficial bacteria that get deep into cracks and crevices to seek out food (dirt), so they are actively cleaning for at least three days from a single application.

The first thing you notice after cleaning with probiotics is that there is less dust and this is because the beneficial bacteria convert it into energy and leave no residue behind in the process.  Using probiotics also represents a huge time saving as the products continue to clean for days.

Using a probiotic fabric cleaner will remove odours from fabrics and also keep the dust levels down, especially on carpets.  Once a healthy probiotic micro-flora layer has been established, hygiene levels increase and cleaning takes less time as there are already active probiotics on surfaces. 

The probiotics don't kill anything, they simply out-compete pathogens on surfaces and do not give them the resources to multiply.  This is the best way of keeping the numbers down and establishing a healthy microflora layer on surfaces.  Think about it like this:  No species has ever survived starvation.  

Jani-King harnesses the power of "cleaning by mother nature" using a range of probiotic cleaning products.

Our probiotic products offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to the harsh chemicals commonly used for disinfection.  Our probiotic microbial products are safe on all surfaces and non-toxic, making it the perfect solution to keep your business COVID-19 free.  Therefore, our COVID sanitisation process occurs at your premises with NO DOWNTIME to your business.

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