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Apr, 2021

The frontrunner in commercial cleaning

Cleanliness is an essential element for any commercial business, whether it is an office, school, university, childcare centre, supermarket or retail store or a manufacturing facility.  Now business owners are investing in commercial cleaning services to deliver better results to customers and improve the standard of cleaning in any environment. 

Cleaning a commercial space requires a professional commercial cleaning company like Jani-King commercial cleaners, who understand the precise cleaning needs for that particular building. These commercial cleaning services are also customised and scheduled according to the preference of each customer. Jani-King's owner-operators (franchisees) have a vested interest in their business resulting in a higher level of commitment and dedication over employees of conventional cleaning companies.

Founded in 1969, Jani-King has over 8,000 cleaning franchisees that are supported by 130 regional offices in 10 countries around the world which makes it an established and trusted company.  

What are the particular strengths that make Jani-King Commercial Cleaners unique from its competitors?

Franchisee Support

Our commercial cleaning franchisee support is second to none, and our owner-operator concept sets us apart from conventional cleaning companies.  Our franchisees are invested; they have a business owner's mindset and interest in meeting customer needs, which is a powerful edge over other cleaning companies where employees are just hired to do the job.  In support of our franchisees, Jani-King has a local, regional office in each area that is staffed with industry experts available to our franchisees.  The regional office support staff provide new accounts to our franchisees, provide operations assistance, administrative support and billing support.

Our range of Probiotic Cleaning Products - we remain green and eco-friendly while we clean!

Jani-King uses Probiotics in all cleaning solutions, these are 100% non-chemical cleaning products.  These probiotic cleaning products provide a better cleaning outcome that lasts longer than chemical cleaning alternatives.

Probiotic cleaners work by rapidly colonising a surface with good bacteria (probiotics) which, overwhelm the bad bacteria (pathogens) by consuming all the available food resources, ultimately killing the pathogens.  These probiotics then maintain a presence for up to 72 hours allowing them to prevent further biofilm development and the spread of further pathogens, which means they literally continue cleaning for up to 72 hours!

Where does Jani-King operate?

Contact one of our regional offices in Northland, Auckland, Central North Island, Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown for a no-obligation friendly quote.