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Nov, 2019


No person may have a greater impact on a building's health and safety environment than a Jani-King commercial cleaning franchisee.

Our franchisees face a variety of both physical and environmental hazards while on the job. Because of this occupation's high level of injury risk, Jani-King ensures that its franchisees have completed a strict health and safety training programme.

Our franchisees are provided with protection from workplace health and safety risks, as far as is reasonably practicable, and they are advised to do so with their staff as well. This includes both physical and mental health risks.

This protection includes training, identification, and management of risks, appropriate operating equipment, and protective clothing if required.

At every customer site, there is a Health and Safety Risk Analysis which is to be completed quarterly. This analysis covers a checklist on the likelihood of an accident and the consequences of a hazard. It includes a workplace safety inspection form where annually the franchisee must walk around the client's building assessing any new risks. Finally, the job task safety analysis form deals with the cleaning tasks performed and whether these tasks create a risk to the franchisee and their staff. This section is also used to induct all new employees onto the site.

All commercial cleaners are exposed to chemicals when carrying out their job. Jani-King understands the importance of ensuring all bottles are correctly labeled with the chemical information displayed on the label.
We know that our franchisees deal with wet and slippery surfaces when mopping, waxing and scrubbing floors. Our cleaners must use the correct signage when working on these areas, together with wearing the appropriate non-slip footwear.
Jani-King encourages their franchisees not to become complacent if they have not been injured in the past, and to take their time, slow down..... and follow the correct safe cleaning procedures.

It is important to note how seriously Jani-King takes the issue of the health and safety of our franchisees while at our customers' sites.  Every month at the Jani-King Board of Directors Meeting, the first item on our agenda is health and safety. Our regional managers are expected to report on any health and safety issues that have arisen both internally and externally.

IIt should also be duly noted that given the high-risk activity of the cleaning industry, Jani-King has an extremely high health and safety record.

"Work Safe, Be Safe, Home Safe."