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Apr, 2021

It's cleaning by Mother Nature

How is a Biofilm formed?

In the air, we have a mixture of bacteria: good bacteria (probiotics), neutral bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.  When pathogens are exposed to chemicals, they secrete a sticky substance that protects them from bleach, oxidizers, quaternary ammonia and disinfectants.

This sticky substance (proteins, saccharides, lipids) is known as Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) and this creates the Biofilm.  This will become the safehouse to bacteria, viruses, fungus and other harmful microbial, where they can multiply and become a city of microbes.

From the initial stage, until a Biofilm reaches a mature colony of microbes, can take only 24 hours.  This demonstrates the exponential rate at which these microbes can multiply.  Once it is mature it will reach a point where the biofilm will open and release some of the bacteria to move on and create another biofilm.  This cycle will continue unless it is completely removed and prevented.  According to the CDC 90% of harmful bacteria that live in biofilm cannot be cleaned, with even the strongest disinfectants.

Bio King What is a Biofilm

Traditional chemicals cannot completely remove biofilms and therefore they contribute to antimicrobial resistance.  Every time a bacterium survives exposure to a chemical, it will adjust its genetic material.  The incomplete clean of harsh chemicals, that kills only 99.99% of bacteria, leaving 0.01% that will multiply and flourish again in just 24 hours.

The risk to us is biofilm is present in bathrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, laundries and floors.  It makes it harder to clean surfaces because it causes them to be dull, makes them slippery and causes malodours.  Persistent odours can be resistant bacteria that are not killed by disinfectants and that are harboured in a biofilm.


Jani-King Commercial Cleaners offer a range of probiotic cleaning products 

Jani-King's range of probiotic cleaners provides a better cleaning outcome that lasts longer than chemical cleaning alternatives.

Probiotic cleaners work by rapidly colonising a surface with good bacteria (probiotics) which overwhelm the bad bacteria (pathogens) by consuming all the food available resources, ultimately killing the pathogens.  These probiotics then maintain a presence for up to 72 hours which allow them to prevent further biofilm development and the spread of further pathogens.

Probiotic cleaning products can easily clean very hard to reach locations

Because Jani-King's cleaning products don't contain harsh chemicals, they can be used anywhere, including locations that are often sensitive to other cleaning products like ducting systems and air conditioning units.

Our fogging solution applied by the Jani-King cleaning staff, can reach into areas where most cleaning products would be useless or simply not allowed, for example, air vents.

Jani-King probiotics are safe for people to use

Chemical cleaning products can be quite hazardous to human health - especially for commercial cleaners who are using them for eight hours or more per day.

It is estimated that the daily use of chemical cleaners is as dangerous to human health as smoking 20 cigarettes per day.


Jani-King Probiotic cleaning products don't cause negative environmental outcomes when flushed down a drain

In New Zealand alone, it is estimated that 150,000 litres of chemicals are used just by our schools for cleaning every month, with most of these making their way into our water table and the environment at large.

Jani-King's range of probiotic cleaning products on the other hand are perfectly harmless to the environment when they're flushed down a drain or rinsed onto land, after all, they're found readily in the natural environment.


Jani-King remains green while we clean"

With all of these benefits outlined, it's easy to see how Jani-King's range of probiotic cleaning products can have a positive impact on environmental sustainability.  Best of all, none of this positive impact requires any real effort.  Simply switch your cleaning products from harsh chemicals to Jani-King's range of probiotic cleaning products.


Contact a Jani-King regional office today to find out how your premises can benefit from our range of probiotic cleaning products.