Environmental Health & Safety

Jani-King NZ is in the process of gaining the Toitu Envirocare Certification (Jani-King NZ was previously ISO 14001 Environmental Certified), and obtaining ISO 45001 Health and Safety Certification.  A group company is also AS/Nzs 4801 Health nd Safety Certified (JK Environmental).

The company believes in Health and Safety leadership in the cleaning industry and is thus a member of the Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum.  The group is committed to Health and Safety leadership and has a Group Health and Safety Manager.

Having around 2,000 clients and up to 1,000 cleaners onsite, each night requires a commitment to learning systems and training.

  1. Jani-King has developed an innovative e-learning system, which is the backbone of cleaner and franchise training.  This enables effective and consistent learning opportunities for cleaners, that can be delivered at the cleaners place and time of choice.  This also improves the effectiveness of face to face training and mentoring activities.
  2.  Our current training system sets cleaners and franchisees on a path to further qualifications in our industry

Technology is playing a significant role in the development of safe and effective cleaning, and Jani-King is passionate advocates.

  1. Jani-King has developed proprietary Health and Safety tools and Apps to improve the safety and effectiveness of cleaners at client sites, including induction tools to improve the safe working processes of new cleaners and site apps to both record cleaning jobs and staff onsite plus to facilities site audits.
  2. An amazing quantity of harsh chemicals is used daily around the world by cleaners.  These can ultimately have health effects for cleaners and environmental consequences.  Jani-King has a commitment to "green" cleaning materials.  Our Jani-King Probiotic range of cleaning compounds are completely safe for cleaners and the environment, won't cause allergies for clients and are in many cases more effective than traditional chemicals as they don't cause microbial resistance.  Ever had drains that have a smell that won't go away?  Jani-King clients don't.

Read the Jani-King NZ Environmental Policy Statement here.