Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What is the Financial Investment required for a Jani-King Franchise?

A.  Depending on the plan you choose, investment levels vary.  However, please refer to the franchise calculator for more information.

Q.  What do I get for my Financial Investment?

A.  The list below gives examples:

  • Franchise Licence Agreement, part of that agreement authorises you to operate a Jani-King Franchise and to enjoy the benefits of being part of the Jani-King brand.

  • Initial Business, franchise start-up pack of cleaning supplies and equipment, administrative and training materials and  uniforms.

  • Initial and ongoing training and support, business cards and identification card.

Q.  What does Initial Business mean?

A.  Franchise Plans through A to D level plans all include initial business, except for plan AA.  If you invest in one of these plans you will be provided with customers up to the monthly initial business amount specified in your Franchise Licence Agreement.  For instance, if you invest in a D13 plan the $13,000 initial business amount is the total dollar value of the customer monthly contract amounts, excluding GST before tax.

Q.  How can I finance my business?

A.  There are many ways to finance a new business, including:

  • From savings.
  • Borrowing against existing personal assets.
  • Using ready cash from the sale of an existing business or property.

Q.  How do I decide which plan works for me?

A.  There are some very important factors you should consider when deciding which Franchise Plan to select:

  • How much money will you have set aside for your investment?

  • How much time and commitment will you make for the franchise?

These and other questions are explored in more detail in the early stages of the franchise process.

Q.  What time of the day can I carry out my cleaning?

A.  Most Jani-King franchise owners schedule the majority of their cleaning activities between the hours of 6:00pm and 11:00pm, Monday through to Friday and occasionally on weekends.  There are some clients who prefer work to be carried out during business hours.

Q.  Can I continue working full-time?

A.  Yes.  In most cases you can provide cleaning services to your clients in the evening.  As your new business grows you will discover the many advantages associated with operating your Jani-King Franchise full-time.  The decision is yours.

Q.  How do I grow my business?

A.  When you are ready to accept additional business, you just need to contact your Jani-King Regional Manager to set up a business review meeting.  At this meeting Jani-King will ascertain your capability of handling additional work.  As additional business contracts become available, you will then be offered these and pay finders fees only on each account.  This will be explained in more detail during your disclosure meeting with Jani-King.

Q.  Am I required to have a sign written Jani-King vehicle?

A.  One of the many advantages of buying your Jani-King franchise is that you do not require a company sign written vehicle.

Q.  How do I order my equipment and cleaning supplies?

A.  When purchasing your Jani-King Franchise you will also purchase your start-up kit, which includes all of the equipment and supplies you will need.  When you start running out of supplies you can contact our local supplier who you will be introduced to during initial training, to replenish your inventory.