Phil Springford
Chief Financial Officer / Rutherford & Bond Toyota

As a large Toyota Dealership, our standards are high and we get audited by our supplier regularly. We use Jani-king in all our five sites and have found their service and their follow-up reviews to be second to none. We highly recommend Jani-King.

Graeme Jarvis
Operations Manager / Upper Hutt Cossie Club

The Upper Hutt Cossie Club has been using Jani-King Cleaning Services since June 2014. We pride ourselves on high standards here at the Club and ask a lot of Jani-King and they have delivered. There has been the odd time when things weren’t perfect, but we don’t live in a perfect world. However, I think this is where Jani-King makes a difference, because if there is a small problem, all I have to do is let their friendly team know and they’ll fix it.

Ron Hunter
Franchise Owner / Jani-King

I have been a Jani King franchisee for 12 months and have grown from a 1 man operation to a team of 5 in this time. The support I have received from my Regional office has been fantastic, with immediate feedback to my queries and support when it is needed...Jani King was the right choice for me and I highly recommend them to anyone looking at our industry.

Fei Wu
Franchise Owner / Jani-King

Before I become a Jani-King's franchisee I have looked at all the other cleaning company's franchises. Compared them, I found that Jani-King are different from others, they are offer an awesome support, you feel secure when you join Jani-King because they always there when you call. I have been with Jani-King over 5 years I haven't lost any clients and my business has been grow bigger and bigger, 4 times bigger now. Since then I am able buy a house, a new car etc .Jani-King has changed my life. Thanks Jani-King.

Jim Buehler
New World Wakatipu

We continue to receive good, consistent service from Jani-King. They are always open, receptive and quick to address any questions or concerns. We highly recommend Jani-King.

Sally Skelhorn
Wickliffe NZ Limited

We are extremely happy with the high service standards and excellent communication provided by Jani-King. Coupled with their competitive rates we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Margaret Elvy
Enzed Christchurch Ltd

“Have written a quick word, as yes we are happy with the work of the cleaners, it's taken us a long time to find good cleaners. After the cleaners we had, it was like a we'd had a spring cleaning. It looked like they took pride in their work, it was good to see.”