Jani-King’s success stems from the support that franchisees receive from a local, proactive regional office team, currently 120 regional support offices in 10 countries worldwide. Each Jani-King franchisee undergoes extensive training in all aspects of commercial cleaning so they hit the ground running, giving them the best chance of being ‘The King of Clean’ with their clients too. With over 350 Jani-King franchisees already operating in New Zealand, and over 12,000 globally, there has never been a better time to invest in this growing market.

The Jani-King franchise model was introduced into New Zealand in 1998 and has enjoyed superior success and dynamic growth since that time to become one of the largest Jani-King regions in the world today. Hundreds of people have become Jani-King franchisees throughout New Zealand, handling the commercial cleaning requirements for a myriad of buildings from small offices to medical centers, supermarkets, and five-star hotels. Wherever you see a commercial building, you might just see Jani-King handling the commercial cleaning.

For a franchise opportunity where you can really clean up, you’ll find it at Jani-King New Zealand. Join the winning team today and become your own boss. There are Jani-King franchise opportunities available throughout New Zealand Contact Us to discuss your future.




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Phil Springford
Chief Financial Officer / Rutherford & Bond Toyota

As a large Toyota Dealership, our standards are high and we get audited by our supplier regularly. We use Jani-king in all our five sites and have found their service and their follow-up reviews to be second to none. We highly recommend Jani-King.

Graeme Jarvis
Operations Manager / Upper Hutt Cossie Club

The Upper Hutt Cossie Club has been using Jani-King Cleaning Services since June 2014. We pride ourselves on high standards here at the Club and ask a lot of Jani-King and they have delivered. There has been the odd time when things weren’t perfect, but we don’t live in a perfect world. However, I think this is where Jani-King makes a difference, because if there is a small problem, all I have to do is let their friendly team know and they’ll fix it.

Ron Hunter
Franchise Owner / Jani-King

I have been a Jani King franchisee for 12 months and have grown from a 1 man operation to a team of 5 in this time. The support I have received from my Regional office has been fantastic, with immediate feedback to my queries and support when it is needed...Jani King was the right choice for me and I highly recommend them to anyone looking at our industry.

Fei Wu
Franchise Owner / Jani-King

Before I become a Jani-King's franchisee I have looked at all the other cleaning company's franchises. Compared them, I found that Jani-King are different from others, they are offer an awesome support, you feel secure when you join Jani-King because they always there when you call. I have been with Jani-King over 5 years I haven't lost any clients and my business has been grow bigger and bigger, 4 times bigger now. Since then I am able buy a house, a new car etc .Jani-King has changed my life. Thanks Jani-King.

Jim Buehler
New World Wakatipu

We continue to receive good, consistent service from Jani-King. They are always open, receptive and quick to address any questions or concerns. We highly recommend Jani-King.

Sally Skelhorn
Wickliffe NZ Limited

We are extremely happy with the high service standards and excellent communication provided by Jani-King. Coupled with their competitive rates we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Margaret Elvy
Enzed Christchurch Ltd

“Have written a quick word, as yes we are happy with the work of the cleaners, it's taken us a long time to find good cleaners. After the cleaners we had, it was like a we'd had a spring cleaning. It looked like they took pride in their work, it was good to see.”


New Zealand commercial operations have turned to the hygienic cleaning services of franchising benchmark Jani-king to receive the flawless results they demand.

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